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Journey to Fitness Pyramid®

Why do most people workout and not see results

or worse, get injuired?

You may have just started to exercise or have been restricted by an injury.  Interestingly, you may be thinking you are doing the right thing in class or at the gym, but you may not realize that you could be engaging the wrong muscle and creating imbalances that could lack strength and control for progression. With this in mind, it may be the reason why you are not at the level of fitness you desire. It’s also uncertain if and when you may encounter an injury. My goal is to teach you training techniques that elevate your fitness level, lower your risk of injuries, and ultimately, improve your performance.  Know that with a higher level of fitness, you will not only increase your overall enjoyment of exercise, but also will significantly improve your overall health


Learn the ABC’s of corrective exercise.  Any subject requires a firm foundation to build on.  Take English for example; you need to learn your alphabets.  In math you have your numbers and in music you have your notes.  Exercise is also a subject, yet most people just jump into it without a foundation to build on.  My fitness pyramid encompasses six levels.  The level-1 classes you will learn my five key principles to good health and fitness (Posture, Flexibility, Breathing, Core, and Mind-Muscle Connection).  Each principle must be mastered for them  to work together just like an orchestra. 

The second step utilizes devices such as Therapy Balls and Tennis Balls to relieve tension and release tight muscles. 

The third step encompasses proper stretching techniques to increase range of motion, which in turn gives you flexibility and energy. 

The fourth step is strengthening the core, a very misunderstood and confusing term in fitness.  Many articles and trainers tell you to use your core, but they don’t explain exactly how to find it and activate it. 

Step 5 and 6 integrate what you learned in the previous steps, so you are able to be aware, self-correct and progress.

Come in to learn more about our Journey to Fitness Pyramid.


"I found the Journey to Fitness Pyramid to be the best tool for learning how the body really works,  providing a solid foundation for building real physical fitness, and making any physical activity easier and less stressful.  Knowledge really is power.  If I had been given this education in school during my youth, I might have avoided the out of condition body I have now, and might have already incorproated fitness principles into my daily pattern of life making my transition into the "golden years" that much easier.  I highly recommend this program to anyone who is committed to living a better life, one free from unnecessary pain or medications.  You won't be sorry."

                                                                                      ~ Heather B.


"It was an eye opener for us to learn the concepts.  Once they were explained to us, they just made so much sense.  One of our hobbies is ballroom dancing, after Level 1, we were able to apply many of these concepts into our ballroom dancing.  Level 1 was a great start for us.  Level 2 is where we are right now.  We feel the Fitness Pyramid© gave us the knowledge and tools to have a fit body.  This training is the best investment of time and effort anyone can give to his/her self."

                                                                      ~ Jackson & June C.


"I was fortunate to find the Journey to Fitness website in
my quest to better my health. Li Si's unique philosophy
of training and fitness sets her apart from most typical
trainers. I have gained a better understanding and
awareness of my body."

                                                         ~ Georgi S.


Since taking Level-1 & 2 Pyramid classes I am more aware of my breathing, posture, flexibility and my body as a whole.  It is amazing how we sail through the days and years,

often unconscious of our habits and the cumulative impact they have on our bodies, our

health and well-being.


                                                                                               ~ Lynn H.


There is an old saying, "Give a man a fish and he will be fed for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will be fed for life."                  ~ Chinese Proverb









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