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"I'd like to thank you for helping me to recognize what I can do for my frozen shoulder. I go to get regular treatment, including massages and acupuncture, to help to minimize the pain in my arm/shoulder area. However, daily massaging and rolling out of my rotator cuff and shoulder area helps me immensely! In addition, attending your shoulder freedom class really allowed my shoulder muscles to really be worked out and stretched. One class made such a difference in how my arm felt the next day! I was able to have more mobility without the nagging ache in my shoulder! I was able to move my arm so freely and after I did, I realized that I wasn't in pain!

Thank you for showing me how to massage and properly exercise my shoulder, scapula, and arms (both sides) and to also stretch the muscles after the massage. It made such a big difference in how I feel. My range of motion is much better and I'm starting to feel more balanced. The best part is that the pain level has really diminished. I'm looking forward to more shoulder freedom classes. If one class can make such a difference, I can only imagine what more classes can do for me! Thank you, Li Si.


"I have been teaching a Dynamic Staff Stretching class for the past decade as well as being in the Health and Fitness industry for the last thirty years, and what I learned in Li Si's Masters workshop was amazing. We all have asymmetry, muscle weakness/tightness as well as postural compensations that are not allowing our body to function and perform like it should. Li Si was very patient and thorough in correcting my deficiencies and when I had trouble grasping the movement she broke it down so I could learn it properly. Doing one rep properly is better than doing 15 reps wrong. Li Si has a true understanding of movement and how to work with individuals and her passion is infectious. Do yourself a favor and work with a true Master. I do!


J. W. Wagner D.C.
The Movement Guru PLLC




"Without stability there is no mobility" - that should be the mantra of Li Si Yang's philosophy. I turned 61 in September and Health is my Greatest Wealth and I stay very active and want to remain active. With one on one personal training and group sessions with Li Si, I have learn more about my body and how it works tan any manual or video.

A traniner should be focused on you - not themselves and Li Si is the best as she stops and makes you do it with proper form instead of just going through the motions of the move. Breaking down the motion with hands on feedback until you understand what muscles are being worked has change the way my body looks in a very postive way! I thought I had good posture but now I have correct posture.. well I'm still a body in progress and that is why I continue to work with Li Si.

I love her positive attitude and innovative training programs—Fitness Cue, MOTR Classes, Posture Workshops and many more along with her nutrition tips to keep me fit and healthy. As Li Si says— without stability there in no mobility and I am very fortunate to work with her to keep me stable so I can get on moving!

Business Owner Corrosion Cops







"Life is like riding a bicycle - in order to keep your balance, you  must keep moving."  The quote is form Albert Einstein, but it sounds like what Li Si would tell her clients to inspire them to work on their physical fitness in in order to maintain and improve their quality of life.

Through the five years of working with Li Si, I have found myself appreciating her abilities and knowledge to help in healing and strengthening the human body. Every session is personalized for each client. She also is flexible in terms of revamping her plan in a session to heal an ache or get rid of stiffness that is affecting her client. 

I know that the result of my personal training sessions have been successful, because when friends, who have not seen me for a while, remark on how well I look. One of my former high school student said, "What ever you're doing, keep doing it."

My "journey to fitness" with Li Si has been positive and enriching, as well as being enjoyable and worthwhile. I hope to continue getting fit with her for many years to come.


As a health care provider and psychologist, I am well aware of the studies and research that show the benefits and importance of exercise and diet.  The evidence is overwhelming on both the physical and psychological sides.  In study after study, exercise reduces anxiety, improves mood, lowers depression rates, lowers blood pressure, improves cholesterol counts and reduces stress.  Nowhere is the mind-body connection more evident. 

If you want to be happy, reduce stress, be more productive and healthy, you can't ignore proper diet and exercise. 

It's important to practice what you preach.  For over  30 years, exercise and diet have been an important aspect of my life.  This includes working out at least 1 hour four times a week.  I have taken numerous classes and worked with various trainers to motivate myself and to learn.

I have learned as much from Li Si in 3 years as from all the other trainers in 30 years!  She has a well thought out and developed system and the ability to communicate what she sees and knows.

I am over 65 and often am competing for waves when surfing with individuals a fourth or one-third my age.  Fortunately, I have a secret weapon - Li Si.



"Before I started with Li Si, I attended a fitness program for seniors where members trained on their own, utilizing hydraulic circuit training equipment.  There was minimal guidance provided so I wasn't aware then that my workout form was very poor.  After a while, I found the routine there to be repetitive and boring.  Not surprisingly, I made little progress. A year ago, I joined one of Li Si's fitness classesand liked it so much that I ended up taking all seven of her weekly fitness classes (Yoga, Pilates, and circuit training).  I also took her Level-1 and Level-2 Pyramid classes, and enrolled in her cooking class.  After being with Li Si for a year, I can honestly say that I feel twenty years younger.  My tension headaches and chronic back pain are gone, and my mobility and balance have improved dramatically.  Li Si was able to evaluate my individual needs and modify the exercises to address these needs. She gives honest feedback, while being very patient and supportive, and makes staying in shape enjoyable. Li Si's message is that fitness is a life journey that requires a personal commitment to eating healthy, keeping positive, and exercising regularly.

Thanks, Li Si, for showing me the way."






"I was fortunate to find the Journey to Fitness website
in my quest to better my health.  Li Si's unique philosophy of training and fitness sets her apart from most typical trainers.  I have gained a better understanding and awareness of my body, and the journey towards wellness has been very positive. The results of weight loss, proper eating habits, flexibility, and strength, which I encountered in my sessions with Li S, have been encouraging as well."


"I'm a pet sitter and veterinarian technicaian who had started to feel lower back pain from years of picking up pets and exercising with them.  Li Si shows me a new way of breathing and aligning my body to prevent pain. As I age, I have Li Si by my side to help me continue this important way of developing my body. Li Si is a godsend.  Don't wait, start now.  You'll be so glad you did."

owner of Malu Pet Bliss


Yoga and Stretching Class (Student's testimony)
"I enjoy meeting my friends and most of all Li Si is a very kind and patient instructor.  This class keeps me going."  - Gloria 85 years old

"Yoga makes me feel younger."



- Minh 86 years old

"I like that it's more stretching than Yoga." 



- Sharon 70 years old

"I look forward to Tuesday morning." 

- Barbara 74 years old








"Training with Li Si has not only improved my physical body, but has helped me to become more focused and excellent in the other parts of my life."


"Training with Lisi has been an incredible blessing!  I no longer accept the stiffness or aches as part of getting old or as an outcome of sitting in traffic.  Instead, I have the tools to work out the areas of discomfort thru exercise, stretching and blasting.  I have learned the importance of a strong solid core and posture.  This is the foundation of everything!  I like the variety of workouts that Lisi offers.  I have experienced noticeable results, and I just feel 100% better overall.  I am encouraged knowing that true fitness is a life long journey, not something I can accomplish overnight.  I appreciate Lisi, her knowledge and knack she has for breaking down and explaining things while working with me.   She is extremely patient and a great encouragement.  Thanks Lisi!


"I used to lift weights at 24 hour by myself and I never realized I wasn't lifting weights properly!  Li Si showed me how to properly target the right muscles by using my muscle connection.  It's great to learn the correct techniques and use the right tools to workout properly."


Since taking Li Si’s yoga, pilates, circuit and Level-1 & 2 Pyramid classes for over a year, I am more aware of my breathing, posture, flexibility and my body as a whole. It is amazing how we sail through the days and years, often unconscious of our habits and the cumulative impact they have on our bodies, our health and well-being.   As an example, I can see that the discomfort in my left shoulder blade area correlates to my wearing my heavy handbag on my left shoulder. It should be obvious, but it wasn’t so!  Li Si helped me become aware of this and has helped me address this problem area.  Overall, with a greater awareness of my body since training with Li Si, I am able to make adjustments during the day; I am more flexible and have become stronger.  I appreciate Li Si’s personalized instruction and philosophy of teaching her students to “fish for themselves “when it comes to one’s health and lifestyle.  She is very knowledgeable about the structure of the body, explaining what part of the body we are working on with the exercise we are doing.  The exercises are varied, so it’s not only  effective, but fun, not boring!  When working with a small group, Li Si tailors the particular exercise being done to the needs and abilities of each person, which is welcomed and speaks to her commitment to truly help each person.  Her instructions, explanations and demonstrations are clear, stressing proper form to gain maximum effectiveness. In support of her philosophy to teach folks “how to fish” for themselves, the exercises are practical and can be done at home using simple and readily available aids.  You are helping me, Li Si.   Thanks a bunch!


"Li Si visibly improved my posture, raised my
body awareness level and enhanced my health- due to her Knowledge and thoughtful teaching methods.  I was in my mid 50s when I started attending her classes, and had poor posture from a lifetime of slouching over a desk for most of the day. At my age, my body was telling me that I needed to pay attention to it, and I was so lucky to find the solution was pilates and yoga

instruction from Li Si.  She taught me about the fitness pyramid; and I learned, in both private lessons , and in small group lessons, how to strengthen my core muscles and improve my posture, and most importantly how to really understand and to notice when I slipped back into my poor (to me normal) posture, and how to correct it.  Soon, I started feeling so much better, and realized that continued practice with Li Si was essential to my good health.  She has

always been able to explain the exercises and anatomical basis for them very well, and is infinitely patient with me and her other students."


"I Found Li Si's web site online when I was looking for a change from the various boot camps and personal trainers I had used.  I knew right away from her site that she was serious about fitness and that her programs were based on some very specific criteria.  Once I started my program I was reminded of all the wasted gym days I had spent doing exercises incorrectly with what I know now to be some very predictable bad results.  Li Si is an exceptional trainer. She explains everything thoroughly before you begin any exercises and each and every session is catered to your very specific goals.  There are no "cookie cutter" sessions whatsoever.  She helps you understand the "why" part of training before you ever commit to exercises.  She's motivational, has an easy style, and knows when it's time to go to the next level.  I would highly recommend Li Si to anyone from the novice that just wants to get back in shape, to the serious or semi-serious athlete that wants to add an excellent foundation based training program to reach new levels of performance." 


Li Si, thank you so much for taking the time to work with me this evening. I really noticed the benefit when I was washing my hair tonight. Even on my “good” days there is tightness in my shoulder when I lift my arms above my head. Tonight, there was absolutely NO discomfort or tightness when I was washing my hair. Now it is up to me to continue with the self massaging and stretching exercises you showed me.
Thank you so much!


Aloha Li Si, I want to thank you again for your kindness yesterday.  I'm pain free today for the first time in a long time.  You're really good at what you do and I truely enjoyed meeting you.  Please don't hesitate to let me know if I can ever return the favor.  Thanks again.


"I feel younger and ligther (15 lbs.) than when I first began my own journey to fitness.  I was afflicted with a "frozen" shoulder and knee pains, but Li Si developed exercises to address and correct those issues.  Her gift is in being willing and able to clearly explain not only what I should be doing, and why, but also how, finding creative alternatives as needed.  Her patient guidance

keeps me motived to continue this path toward fitness."



"Before working out with Li Si, I hated exercising.  The

exercise I could do on my own like walking was boring

and I had no discipline to do it regularly.  The exercise I thought I really needed like weightlifting, was too intimidating, and given my poor record with the easy stuff, I didn't think I'd have much success with a gym membership. Li Si has made all the difference in me becoming healthier. She has taught me the proper way to work out, explains in terms I can relate to, and is extremely patient and encouraging. As a result, my strength has increased and my coordination has improved.  The best changes Li Si has helped me make, though, has been my attitude towards exercise: it's a boost, not a burden."


Li Si's Pilates and yoga with the Fitness Cue® class is absolutely life-altering.  I spend a lot of time on the computer writing, editing, and on social media. Li Si's class is the remedy for these practices.  She is knowledgeable and professional and a ray of light in my week.

Founder of The Creativity Copowerment Center LLC



"I love the Fitness Cue. As you may recall my left
shoulder has only two working tendons left. The Fitness Cue is the best thing for my shoulder and I use it every day I am home. It re-sets my shoulder in the socket and improves my range of motion. I have no pain at night if I have been home and used Fitness Cue. I am enjoying other benefits as well like stretching, strength and posture improvements.

It also is a beautiful object and I don’t mind keeping it in my living room. Everytime I use it I am grateful to you and your partner for putting the time, effort and risk into developing this great piece of equipment.



"I found the Journey to Fitness Pyramid to be the best

tool for learning how the body really works, providing a solid foundation for building real physical fitness, and making any physical activities easier and less stressful.

Knowledge really is power.  If I had been given this education in school during my youth, I might have avoided the out of condition body I have now, and might have already incorporated fitness principles into

my daily pattern of life making my transition into the "golden years" that much easier.  I highly recommend this program to anyone who is commited to living a better life, one free from unnecessary pain or medications.  You won't be sorry."



"I really appreciate Li Si's methodical guidance though basic posture, muscle group isolation, and core strengthening. She helped me identify weak areas and begin to make lasting improvements in my posture and alignment.  Throughout class she gives numerous tips, stretches, simple excercises and self-checks that are easy to incorporate day-to-day as needed."


Jackson & June
"We first met Li Si at the Honolulu Marathon Expo in December 2012.  We were impressed by her great posture.  It was nine months later that we contacted Li Si.  In the consultation session, we told Li Si that we wanted to improve our posture and core.  Li Si suggested trying out her Fitness Pyramid©, which has six levels.  We were really curious about this Fitness Pyramid©, so we decided to give it a try.

Level 1 works on the posture, flexibility, breathing, core, and mind muscle connection.  It was an eyeopener for us to learn the concepts.  Once they were explained to us, they just made so much sense.  One of our hobbies is ballroom dancing, after Level 1, we were able to apply many of these concepts into our ballroom dancing.  Level 1 was a great start for us.  We were so excited about Level 2. Level 2 builds on top of Level 1.  Level 2 works on the Ball Therapy and Self Message.  All we needed were the foam roller, tennis balls and some golf balls, we were able to self message our bodies and release all the tight spots in our bodies.  Level 2 is where we are right now.  We feel the Fitness Pyramid© gave us the knowledge and tools to have a fit body.  This training is the best investment of time and effort anyone can give to his/her self."



Li Si is a great fitness instructor. I started taking a beginning Pilates class with her and just from that class alone, she taught me to use my core, synchronize my breathing with my core, and exercise muscles I hardly ever use. When I started her Fitness Cue class I was amazed how much you can do with just a 3 pound stick!

This class taught me a lot about ideal alignments for certain stretches and I really enjoy the mix of the Fitness Cue exercises and the yoga poses. Li Si's class helped me correct my posture and she made me aware of my body's muscles in everything that I do. She taught me that even small movements in exercises and stretches are very effective to my body. I take her class regularly every week because I really enjoy her workouts and the advice she gives to me on problem areas of my body. I highly recommend her Fitness Cue to everyone, it truly is a great workout and it is a great way to do stretches and exercises the proper way."




"If your goal is to learn how to eliminate and manage body aches, then begin your Journey to Fitness.

I started with Li Si Yang in May 2014.  As she taught the fundamentals of alignment, I found myself saying, "I didn't realize I was doing that...."  In 3 months of training, I now know what neutral position is and how to correct my feet, hips and shoulders to maintain a neutral position.  As a result, I can turn my head to the left without pain and with greater range of motion.

Li Si breaks down the basics of how the body is designed to work.  I have had physical therapy, chiropractic alignment, deep tissue massages to address pain from activities of driving, sitting, walking, boot camp, running and cycling.  With her guidance she is teaching me how to realign my body to operate naturally and thus reducing pain or discomfort.  Her techniques are simple, require little equipment and can be done anywhere.  You; however, must do the work!    

Li Si did not become the person she is over night.  Her story is one of fierce determination and patience.  Her Journey empowers me to define and strive for my Journey.  That is the beauty of her teaching method, it is personalized to you as an individual.

As I age and the body starts to succumb to years of repetitive motions, I must work to break bad habits while creating new ways for my body to support enjoying life.  Li Si has the answer in a clear and concise message.  It will require determination to know yourself to achieve your own Journey to Fitness in your life. I am staying with Li Si to reach my ultimate goal.

Come along with us, it is a brand new day!"



"Li Si, I had to share this with you. While my wife Les has been laid up after her surgery, this has given me some time to do different exercises and experiment more (outside of cooking, cleaning, laundry, cleaning house, shopping, and my day job!). I have been doing interval walking/jogging/running for a few weeks now and was focusing on doing some of the intervals in Palolo where we live. Lots of hills, so I had this idea of trying to run up the hills as fast as I could for 1-2 minute intervals and then jogging 1-2 minutes and walking 1-2 minutes. I was just finishing up a session and was running up this hill and all of a sudden I felt (heard)my left calf snap or pop. Then there was sharp pain in my calf. Needless to say, I tried to walk it off but was still tender and a bit of pain as my left toe/foot planting a step. Luckily I was about 2 blocks from home, so I just walked it back slowly trying to stretch my calf, and just taking the pain. When I got home I tried different stretches and then I thought about the foam roller. I spent about a good 20 – 30 minutes trying to find the sweet spot and put pressure on it to see if this would help. After the first 20 – 30 minutes or so, I decided to take a hot shower and try to relax the muscle. It felt a bit better already as the sharp pain I was feeling was not as sharp. After showering and eating dinner, I got back on the roller and just kept putting pressure and rolling it on both calves until it was time for bed. I made sure I slept early to be able to recuperate and rest my body. The next morning I was amazed that the pain was almost 95% gone. I took it easy the next day, and did some weight lifting upper body to kind of let my calf rest and kind of babied it. I took Les for a steady casual walk (30 minutes), and the calf didn’t bother me. The next day it felt GREAT! So I did my usual fast paced walk, and did some interval jogging/walking and I was amazed that I didn’t feel any pain at all. I just wanted to share that the things you have been teaching and sharing with us is really paying off for me anyway. I have reflected on YOU and the things that you have been teaching us during these past few weeks and found myself asking myself, “what would Li Si do or say?” and trying to figure it out and listen to my body!"

"Thank you for all your help and guidance! Enjoying the time to try different things keeping your lessons in mind when doing them. Can’t wait to get back to training with you!"



On my way to the restroom at 12:30 am two weeks ago, I lost my balance and with nothing to hang on to, I

went down to the floor in slow motion, hitting the left side of my body.  Unlike my three previous falls, incurring fractures each time, this time it was different. I only bruised my three middle toes on my left foot. Had I not been practicing under the guidance of Li Si, I surely would have ended badly.

I am 87 years old with back pain from poor posture. Knowing how long it took for me to get this way, I'm happy to see improvements, like less lying down in bed because of back pain or looking for a place to sit while shopping.  My "journey to fitness" began in October, 2014.






"Although I only been with Journey to Fitness for two

sessions, I have already felt the changes in the

conditioning of my muscles by using the foam roller to

stretch out the IT band on my right leg and by learning

how to breathe through my diaphragm.  Both benefits

have given me a sense of well-being and awareness of

my stance especially during my long distance running

and marathon training.  Li Si is a terrific instructor.  I am delighted how my body has responded after such a

short time providing me with the oppotunity to become

stronger and healthier in my daily existence." 



"Li Si an exceptional personal trainer. She is one of those rare individuals who combines a passion for what she does with a deep knowledge of the subject. I started attending her classes about a year ago after my doctor recommended Pilates to alleviate my lower back pain in lieu of prescription drugs and surgery. After a few weeks of classes and doing my daily exercise "homework", the pain was gone and I've never been back to the doctor. If you have back pain, you really need to talk to Li Si before your doctor sends you down the path of prescription pain killers, physical therapy and ultimately, surgery."



"I have to tell you that although it is still early in my

rehab program, I was happy to hear the hospital staff

remark that no one with my type of operation has ever

been able to lift the injured leg independently like i was

able to do. I attribute to the core training I have been doing with you. Thank you!












"It has been 7 years since my husband and I have started learning form Li Si.  I am always surprised by

how Li Si is able to immediately recognize what stretches we need to work on just by looking at us once we entered her studio.   Li Si's knowledge has vastly grown and thus there are many things we continue to learn from her.  Because of Li Si various research and innovative ideas, My husband Kazu has recently been abel to better move his shoulders with more ease and we are very thankful for her expertise and advice.  She is truly the personification of what it means to be a "personal trainer."

Owner of Tokkuri Tei Restaurant on Kapahulu






"Journey to Fitness is the best investment of time and money I have ever made.  I started training with Li Si over 6 months ago and I am now in best health in 30 years.  Put forth the effort and Li Si will guide you to your goals.  You will not find an individual with more dedication and passion for her work than Li Si Yang."



"My mother is 94 years young and has been with Li Si for for about a year.  Li Si makes the exercises fun and enjoyable.  Each week she create different movements and activities so it never gets boring or tiresome.  She uses creativity and innovation to make the sessions fun and fast-paced while pursuing the goals of good balance and muscle tone. Li Si is a wonderful trainer and I am glad I found her."

Testimony was given by Kiyoko's daughter Lotti.






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