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"Everyone must choose one of two pains: The pain of discipline or the pain of regret."

~ Jim Rohn

1 or 2 Days Retreat

When you have a whole day or two to focus completely on you, amazing results will happen. Sometimes we need the right coach to help us get clarity and solutions. This retreat will jump start your journey to feeling like yourself again. We will address your alignment and chronic nagging aches and pains that's slowing you down from fulfilling your mission.



Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided.

This one or two day retreat comes with a 21-day follow up online coaching. This is for the person who is experiencing chronic aches and pain due to the following reasons:

  • Poor posture

  • Lack of body awareness

  • Improper movement patterns

  • Past injuries & scar tissue

  • Too much sitting & computer work

  • Hobbies or sport repetitive trauma or injuries

In this mini retreat, you will:

  • Learn what might be the cause of your chronic aches and pains.

  • Experience instant decrease in aches and pain with hands on fascia release and treatments.

  • Develop a new level of awareness and understanding about your posture habits or movement patterns.

  • Learn self-care tools so you can create a real plan, with real solutions that you can commit to and start repairing and healing your body and prevent future injures and problems.

  • Be in a safe, supportive and inviting environment with no judgments

This is for you if:

  • You work a desk job, on the computer all day, or a physical job and are experiencing chronic aches and pain in the neck, shoulders, back, hands, wrist, hips, knees, ankles, and feet from sitting too much and want to undo and reset your poor posture.

  • You have past injuries pain that are affecting your daily living and quality of life.

  • You are an entrepreneur, CEO, or have a high management position and want to be ahead of the game. You want to always be in the best sharp possible, so you can have the highest energy to do what you love.

  • You have a purpose to fulfill and need to be at your best health to fulfill your mission.

  • You are a personal trainer or massage therapist and love what you do, but struggle to make good money. You are looking for ways to improve your skills and be a high demanded trainer or therapist in your area.

Keep the fire burning and the momentum going

One of the most common things that happens after a retreat, no matter how great it was, is that people experience all that transformation and then go back home and lose everything they gained. This is because they have no support!  Why? Because without the right support, they will almost revert back to old habits and behaviors – undoing all the benefits they just received from the wonderful retreat.  Sadly, I’ve seen some retreat leaders attempt to offer post-retreat support via a free private Facebook group, but within a matter of weeks participation quickly wanes. Trust me, I was one of those people. We need one-on-one human connection and the need to feel understood of our challenges, fears, burning desires, dreams and purpose. My vision is to create a refreshing, inviting, and safe environment to educate and inspire my clients. I want your quality of life in all areas to improve with each retreat and each follow up program! This 1 or 2 day retreat includes a 21 days Online or in person accountability coaching and support. First week each day 60 minutes

Second week each day 45 minutes. Third week each day 30 minutes.



Q: When is the retreat?

A: It will be your choice and flexible to your schedule because the retreat is private one-on-one coaching and treatment. We will work together on the perfect date for your personalized 1or 2 day retreat.

Q: Where will the retreat be located?

A: It will be at my Journey to Fitness studio in Honolulu, Hawaii. Click on link below to learn more.



Q: What makes your retreat special.


A:  What makes my retreat special and so different are the following.

1) This is for someone who wants and needs personalized private guidance and support.

2) I will be your personal coach offering my extensive, unique, and diverse knowledge of 25 years in the areas of life balance, mindset, posture, corrective movement, fascia treatment, muscle, joint, balance, mobility, strength, and flexibility issues. Please visit my website to learn more.

3) We are drowning in information and are overwhelmed. It is only though taking action and our own experience that we start to learn and better understand our own body. No one can do the hard work for you, but we also can’t do it alone. We need a coach who has our best interest at heart and help make adjustments as we continue on our health journey.  

4) This is NOT a cushy, laid-back, feel-good retreat. We will be undoing years of scare tissues and unconscious habits that will require your patients, curiosity, and commitment to repair, heal, and rebuild your body back to health.

Current Price

1-Day = $3,500 /person

1-Day = $4,500 /couple

2-Day = $5,000 /person

2-Day = $6,000 /couple




*Note: Prices DO NOT include:

  • Cost of airfare and transportation to and from retreat.

  • Cost of hotel or any transportation.

**Note: These prices DO include:

  • 3 meals a day.

  • All day, private coaching, training, fascia treatments session.

  • Set of self-care tools

21 days Online or in person accountability coaching and support. First week each day 60 minutes. Second week each day 45 minutes. Third week each day 30 minutes.

Important cancellation policy:

Upon booking a non-refundable deposit of $500 is required. Full payment is due 1 months before retreat.

Request for cancellation must be submitted in an email. The following outlines cancellation policies: 

  • All $500 deposits are non-refundable

  • Cancellation made 14 days before retreat are 50% refundable as credit and can be use for another retreat, classes, private in person or online session. One year expiration date.

  • All payments made less than 14 days are non-refundable.

If the participant arrives late to the retreat or leaves prior to its conclusion, refunds will not be made for any unused portion of the retreat. No refunds will be made for any of the missed private sessions that the participant misses or decides not to participate in for any reason. 

Call 808-226-4653 for more information and Details.

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