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5-20 minutes Session

1 (5-20 mins session) = $30

 3 (5-20 mins session) = $80

10 (5-20 mins session) = $200



1. Why Cold Plunge?


2. Are There A Difference Between Cold Plunge vs Ice Bath?


3. What Are The Benefits Of A Cold Plunge?

  • Improved overall health. Within minutes, you body's natural response begins.

  • Reduces Inflammation

  • Reduces Anxiety

  • Pain relief

  • Improve Skin

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Improve circulation

  • Boost immune system

  • weight loss

  • Increase brown fat cells

  • Speed recovery

  • Improve sleep

  • Calms and relax the body

  • Improve proper breathing

  • Claim meditative state


4. What Are The Side Effects Of Cold Plunge?

  • If done too extreme without coaching and close monitoring could lead to frostbite, hypothermia, heart arrhythmias and even heart attacks.

  • Light-headedness

  • Slight burning sensation

  • Feeling super cold

5. Who Should Not Do Cold Plunge?

  • People with heart conditions also may take medications, such as beta blockers, that lower blood pressure and reduce the heart rate, which could make it harder for the body to adapt to the shock of a sudden temperature drop,

6. What Are The Do's Before A Cold Plunge Session?

  • Do Drink at least 1-2 full glass of water before to avoid dehydration.

  • Do take a shower to clear off dead skins (no lotion or sunscreen)

  • Do take an electrolyte or mineral like celtic or pink sea salt to maximize water in absorb into cell.

  • Do Bring 3 large towel and 2 hand towel. (1 large towel to sit on, 1 large towel for under your feet, 1 hand towel to wipe off sweat during session, 1 large towel to wipe body after session, 1 hand towel to wipe face and head after session. 

7. What Are The Don't Before A Cold Plunge Session?

  • Don't put on any lotion or sunscreen after shower.

  • Don't drink alcohol before, during, or after sauna use.

  • Don't use recreational drugs before, during, or after sauna use.

8. What Is The Best Thing To Do After A Cold Plunge Session?

We recommend waiting 30 minutes after your sauna session to shower. Your body may continue to sweat for 30 minutes after a sauna session, if you can, it is best to wait until your body

returns to its normal temperature. Embrace the sweat. Drink 1-2 cups of water to re-hydrate the body.

9. How Long Should I Stay In A Cold Plunge Session?

Each session will be very different and indiviualized. Beginner who has long immune system and low tolerance will start at 60-70 degree at 2-10 minutes.


Intermediate level many start at 55-65 at 2-10 minutes and slowly work the tolerance and strength to 40-50 degree at 2-10 minutes.


10. What Should I Bring To My Cold Plunge Session?

Do Bring 1-2 large towel. Warm or hot water to drink afterwards.

11. Can I exercise after a far infrared sauna session?

It will depend on each person, but majority of people will experience higher level of energy and will have a strong desire to exercise right afterwards. Please always use common sense by listening to your body and doing proper warm up before any beginning any exercise.

If you are shivering for more then 30 second after the plunge decrease number of minutes or increase the temperature on your next cold plunge.


Speak to Li Si if you are interested. Call 1-808-226-4653.

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