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Fascia Release Treatment

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Experiencing persistent pain?

If you're dealing with ongoing aches and pains and prefer to avoid pain medications, steroid injections, or surgeries, our private fascia release and cupping, combined with posture realignment correction coaching, could provide the solution you need to regain a normal life.

What is Fascia?

In simple terms, fascia is the connective tissue spread throughout the body, akin to the pith of an orange. While often overlooked, it's present in every cell, wrapping muscles, organs, blood vessels, and more. Recent recognition by the medical community in 2012 elevated fascia to the status of the largest organ in the human body, with the skin as the runner-up.

When fascia becomes dehydrated due to a sedentary lifestyle, it tightens and can pull bones closer together, causing stiffness and pain in muscles and joints. Under a microscope, fascia resembles netting and can bunch up, forming knots that shorten muscles, tug on tendons, and lead to chronic pain, muscle tightness, weakness, and injuries.

Stretching alone isn't sufficient, much like brushing your teeth without flossing. Fascia Blasting proves more effective than foam rollers and tennis balls, rapidly loosening fascia while regenerate and restore tissue back to health. It's the deep cleaning our tissues need for optimal movement and aging.

Understanding "Fascia" provides insights into its impact on chronic pain, energy levels, performance, and aging. Seize control of your health and aging process—you have the choice, and solutions are available!

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Private Treatment at our studio with 30 min
Infrared Sauna


One Session (60 min treatment) $169

One Session (90 min treatment) $ $249

5 Session Package (60 minutes) $ 699 (2 months expiration)

5 Session Package (90+30 minutes) $1049 (2 months expiration)

* Far Infrared Sauna Session before treatment is highly recommended for faster fascia release and less pain and sensitivity during treatment. Sauna session is separate price. Visit the Far Infrared Sauna page to learn more.  

* There will be a 4.712% GE tax charge for all services and products.

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