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Fascia Release Treatment

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Are You In Pain?


If you are suffering from chronic aches and pains and you do not believe in pain medications, steroid injections or surgeries, then private fascia release and cupping along with our posture realignment correction coaching may be your solution to living a normal life again.

What Is Fascia?

In a nutshell, all over the body are connective tissues called fascia. Think of an orange. Most people throw away the skin and the inner part, the pith of the orange — the white part between the skin and fruit. They think it's useless because it can be sour or bitter but it actually contains just as much vitamin C as the fruit itself, with a good deal of fiber.

Fascia is the exact same thing as the orange pith. Doctors spend 0.5 second in medical school learning about it. In fact, they used to think and most doctors still think it's useless in the body - that it's just the packing peanut of the body.

In 2012 the medical community finally acknowledged fascia as the largest organ in the human body and the skin is the runner up.

Notice after you peel the skin of an orange, there is the white pith, then there are more white parts that separate each wedge. When you bite into a wedge and look closer, there are more white parts inside each wedge. 


Our bodies are exactly the same way. The fascia is in every cell of the body. It's  wrapped from our head to our toes, in muscles, organs, blood vessels, arteries and more. It's everywhere and it's the only tissue that can wrap around our joints. When fascia becomes tight, it can torque and pull the bones closer and closer together, causing stiffness and pain in our muscles and joints.

If you were to put fascia under a microscope, it looks very much like netting. That means fascia can also bunch up in strands or in knots shortening our muscles and tugging on our tendons, causing chronic pains.

Stretching is not enough just as simply brushing your teeth is not enough. We all know we need to also floss and see the dentist at least twice a year if we want healthy and strong teeth for life. Fascia Blasting is much more effective because it loosens up the fascia much quicker than foam rollers and tennis balls.

Learn about "Fascia" and get a clear understanding of how it is currently affecting your chronic pain, your energy and performance and most of all, the way you age.

Take control of your own health and the way you age! You really do have the choice and there really are answers!

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Private Treatment at our studio



One Session (60 minutes) $150

4 Session Package (60 minutes) $460 (2 months expiration)

* There will be a 4.712% GE tax charge for all services and products.

Private treatment at your location



One Session (60 minutes) $200

4 Session Package (60 minutes) $700 (2 months expiration)

* There will be a 4.712% GE tax charge for all services and products.

* There will be an extra charge for any home or outdoor training requests that are outside of Honolulu.

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