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21 Day Pain & Prevention Program
  Re-hydrate – Release – Re-educate

When you have chronic aches and pain, it robs your energy, creativity, and time. If you are currently suffering and do not wish to take pills, get shots or surgeries, then you are at the right place.
  There are no short cuts in life and you must make the time to do the hard work and learn what are the cause of your chronic pains and how to heal yourself. Doing so, you will have the confidence and competence to take what you learned to prevent and deal with future pain issues.

We only know what we know, so come and experience for yourself “What you don’t know!”  When it comes to your body, no one should know more about your body then you do. Doctors no longer take the time to ask question and dig deeper and learn about your chronic aches and pains. It's your responsibility to go on a journey to figure it out and heal your
self. There’s an old wise saying, “When you are ready, the teacher and the opportunity will appear.” – ARE YOU READY?

In this 21 day program, you will:

  • Learn the difference between healthy and unhealthy tissue.

  • Learn the symmetry difference in your own tissue that are causing your chronic pains.

  • Learn how to re-hydrate, release and re-educate your muscles.

  • Discover posture and movement habits that could be causing your chronic pains.

  • Develop a new level of awareness and understanding about your habits, posture, and chronic pains.

  • Decrease or eliminate your chronic aches and pains.


This is for you if:

  • You you are having chronic inflammation, muscle or joint pains.

  • You have been to many doctors and physical therapist who are unable to help you.

  • You don’t want to take pills, shots, or surgery.

  • Years of running, biking and different sports has cause a lot of wear and tear to your body. You need help repairing your body.

  • Your chronic pain is affecting your daily life and makes it difficult to travel or just getting outside your own home.

  • Your profession or job is affecting your chronic aches and pain (desk job, hair dresser, dentist, dentist hygienist, carpenter, medical tech).

  • You lost the person you once were and need to get it back.

  • You have taken your body for granted and now it’s time to treat it right.

  • You are serious about changing and taking back control of your health and life now! Its time to hit the reset button and design the life you were meant to live in!



Q: When is the program?

A: It will be your choice and flexible to your schedule

Q: Where will this program be located?

A: Online or in person

Current Price

Private = $3000

21 Days program includes the following:

  • 21 (55 minutes) session on Monday-Friday

  • Recorded session for review purpose



Important cancellation policy:

No Refundable deposit of $500

Full payment is due before the first session. In the event of the client’s request for withdrawal, for any reason whatsoever, the client will be charged a cancellation fee of 20% of totally cost of the class and the remaining prorated (if there are any after the 20% charge), will be credit and may be use of future coaching.  The coach reserves the right to cancel the program if at any point it is determined it is not advantageous for the program to continue. If this happens, the client is only responsible for the share of services provided and remainder will be return back to client.

Call 808-226-4653 for more information and Details.

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