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The moment you start focusing on yourself, things start falling into place.
The journey of being aware, observant, open to always learning, and to new experiences is your greatest teacher. There are no short-cuts along this path.  Every twist and turn will allow you to gain knowledge, wisdom, and opportunities to grow
physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and financially.




I was pleasantly surprised by how much of a difference just two weeks made! I learned more about how to "read" my body and how to apply the right techniques to effectively increase mobility and reduce pain and stiffness. I always felt wonderful after each session!

Thank you, Li Si!


Your journey to be healthier and fit starts with connecting and understanding with your own body. 

We must first train to move well before we train to be fit.

I want you to experience what it feels like to be strong and flexible.

I want you to have confidence that will allow you to take risks.

I want you to have the power of clarity to set boundaries.

I want you to have the peace to always be present and appreciate each moment.

These are what I envision for you as you start your self-care journey.

Once you understand your body you will be aware of your thoughts, realized the abundance around you, and create more options in your life.

Your will have room to breathe, feel and hear your breath, and finally be in control of your life and your body.

Health starts with feeling and healing.

We begin with renovating and repairing our bodies that we have long neglected.

We can rebuild and reclaim our bodies and life back!

Now is the time to upgrade your quality of life through education and understanding of your body.

Make the investment in yourself.

2 weeks of Commitment and Consistency on one area of the body will give you the knowledge, understanding, connection, and motivation you'll need to continue on your journey to a stronger and healthier you!

In just 2 weeks you will look better, feel better, and move better!

*** Private class for 3 or more people

Monday - Friday (30 minutes class)

(hands on class to learn, connect, and practice)

Saturday (60 minutes class)

(review along with Q & A)


$399 - Class and Recorded Replay

$499 - Class, Recorded Replay, and 1 Private Session

(online or in person private session must use within 1 month after purchase)

Class is limited to 6 students and minimum of 3 students

*** Private Session for One Person

$899 Call to schedule an area of the body you wish to focus on.





Class Topics

Online Only
Call For Inquriy



“Self awareness helps you to self correct” 

I have been a student of Li Si for many years and have been on a life changing fitness journey with her guidance. A key thing I have learned is the importance of moving well for maintaining strength, balance, & flexibility—ultimately improving your health & mental well being.

My neck area has always been a problem area in this quest to “move well” and throughout the years, Li Si has taught me different techniques of self correction.

This 2 week Academy enhanced what I already knew (and didn’t consistently do) and gave me the opportunity to learn even more. With greater self awareness I am better able to assess troublesome areas - but more importantly, how to self correct to overcome chronic pain. 

My neck pain/stiffness has gone from a level 8 (of 10) to a level 3. I am able to move more freely! I want everyone to know how great this class & Li Si’s wise counsel has been in hopes that it may help someone else to live life well.

Thank you Li Si




Upper Back/Chest


Lower Back/Hips





Call or email for a Free Consultation in person or online



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