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Corporate Wellness

When a company takes good care of its employees, the employees take good care of the company.

Is your corporate safety and wellness program falling short?


Your employees are your second family. That means their health and safety are your #1 priority. Understanding your family's needs starts with communication, asking the important questions, and addressing what is working and not working.


Most companies today think that simply hiring a fitness instructor to teach classes at their office is a wellness program. They offer classes such as boot camp, yoga, Pilates, and Zumba, but these classes are not the solution. In fact, it's making things worse, and here are my three reasons why:

  1. Today, the average person is suffering from PPP, poor posture problems. When the body is out of alignment from being in a position too long like sitting or doing the same repetitive movement daily, the connective tissue (fascia) that surrounds and wraps the whole body and each fiber of muscles starts to dry up due to lack of circulation. When the fascia is dehydrated, muscles are unable to do their job effectively. The end result is weak and tight muscles, the most common cause of injuries and premature aging.

  2. 80% of people are also suffering from chronic aches and pain due to PPP. This reflects the low turnout and lack of motivation from employee participation with the typical wellness program and workouts.

  3. People need and want to be educated about PPP. They are searching for answers to address their problems from PPP which are affecting their health and daily living.

Our vision is to create an environment that will allow people to learn, get inspired, and be uplifted. When people have the necessary tools and training, they will develop a stronger mindset and be more committed to living their best life, one free from pain and medications.


Our posture awareness and education program will help office workers decrease or eliminate chronic aches and pains, increase energy and motivation for a higher quality of daily living. This sense of well-being will help companies reduce absences, healthcare costs and increase productivity, retention, and pride.

These issues can directly impact the growth of your company. Silence chronic pain and prevent injuries through self-awareness. True healthcare is self-care and true wellness is trusting yourself.

Benefits of an employee who is more self-aware

  • more fulfill

  • more creative

  • More honest

  • More detailed

  • More engaged, connected, and focus

  • stronger relationships

  • more confident

  • better communicators

  • perform better at work

  • less likely to steal, cheat or lie

  • less likely to make mistakes

  • more effective leader


We are committed if you are committed to stress reduction and healthy in-office movement strategies with your team. Call us to schedule a meeting!

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