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Journey to Fitness is a place to strengthen your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

VISION - to empower you to raise your standards and create a better inner and outer world through self-awareness.

MISSION - we meet you where you are and take you where you want to be to educate, repair, and restore the body to its peak performance.



No matter if your goal is to Rehab, Reclaim or Renovate your body, you must start with a strong foundation and start with prioritizing the 8 P's of optimal health (Perception, Pain, Posture, Percentage of body fat, Performance, Peace, Passion, and Purpose).

Having healthy fascia, good posture and body movement awareness will be the key principle to alleviate and prevent chronic pains or injuries. When we move well we live well!

You are in the right place if you are looking to:

  • Improve your posture

  • Improve your flexibility

  • Improve your strength

  • Improve your balance

  • Free from chronic aches & pains

  • Prevent injuries

  • Fall Prevention

  • Re-hydrate and heal your fascia

  • Decrease your body fat

  • Regenerate collagen production in the skin

  • Improve muscle activation and contraction

  • Undo years of body neglect

  • Improve your quality of life

  • Body transformation

  • Reclaim your body and life back!

  • Take your body to a new level of health and fitness!







Start with the ABC's




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Fascia Release


Repair Treatment


In Studio Classes

All of our classes will be by appointment only. Gather a group of 3 or more of your family and friends to learn and have fun too!

Check out the list of different classes and contact Li Si to schedule a class.


Are you ready to take the next step on your journey to fitness and to better health? We all need motivation, inspiration, encouragement, and support in order to be closer to our ideal health. Jim Rohn famous quote “you are the 5 people you spend the most time with.”
I'm excited to start this book club and watch each other blossom, grow, and transform! ❤️ First Meeting of our 5th book will be On July 6, 2024, Meeting every Saturday at 10:00 am HST on Zoom.
Book title: "Life Force" by Tony Robbins.

This book club will focus on promoting a passion for reading, learning, and growing to become the best version of yourself in a positive, nurturing environment. The purpose is to build a growing community of lifetime learners to encourage and support healthy lifestyle habits and routines that will transform our bodies and minds.

We will learn how to:

  • Take better care of ourselves 

  • Respond to and build upon each other’s thinking

  • Engage in behaviors that elicit and sustain meaningful conversations

  • Interact socially to share information and accomplish tasks

  • Reflect on habits and behaviors to make positive changes in our lives

  • Become more mindful and aware

  • Become better listeners

  • Become better thinkers

  • Become better speakers

  • Become better contributors

  • Become better conservationists 

  • All to become a better YOU!


I am a letter carrier for the U.S. Postal Service in my 50’s. Needless to say I have a physical job that requires on all of my body parts to be functioning at a high level to carry out my duties. After numerous surgeries and the daily grind of my job it was apparent my body was breaking down.


After trying numerous physical therapy, medications, I was still dealing with chronic pain. Working together with Li Si has opened up a new dimension for me.

In our short time together she has already proven to be better than any other option I have tried to relieve my pain.

She explains how the body works and responds to our daily physical activities and what we should be doing to combat our ailments.

She is not a miracle worker, she is a treasure trove of information that she shares. It is on ourselves to make it a priority and be committed to achieving our goals of staying physically fit.

I am only a month in but I have already begun to see and feel the results of getting myself back on track to where I want to be.

It is exactly that which keeps me motivated to continue to work towards my goals.

If you are dealing with chronic pain, I highly recommend at least a few sessions with Li Si.

The journey is the reward, and Journey to Fitness is a game changer!

Tom Beck

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